Mission Statement

The purpose of the Lake County Riverside Property Owners Association is to represent, promote and support the interests of property owners on the rivers and streams in Lake County in all matters affecting their rights of ownership, use and enjoyment of their property, recognizing that the rivers and streams are public domains open to many, often competing, users.  The following commitments of the association include, but are not limited to:


Ensure that properties and the rivers and streams remain safe and secure from user and/or environmental abuse.


To monitor, propose and actively promote local, state, and federal legislation and regulations that benefit property ownership as well as oppose any that would adversely affect property owners’ interests.


To initiate and support policies and procedures to protect and preserve the welfare, safety and ownership rights of property owners.

To communicate to and mobilize property owners to act/react where property rights are adversely affected.


To support and promote efforts by law enforcement agencies and others to assure safe, legal and civil use of our Lake County streams and rivers by recreational, commercial and other users; to maintain and enhance environmental quality of our natural resources and to protect and enforce property owners’ rights pertaining to trespass, property damage, theft and other rights.


To educate all users of the rivers and streams on acceptable rules of use and conduct.

Watercraft Permit Information

Download information about USFS Watercraft Permitting here.

Pere Marquette Riverside Property Owners can access the USFS forms for watercraft permits online here.

Board of Directors

Kim L. Gary


Mike Mervenne

Vice President

Mike Oostmeyer


Nancy Ryan

(Past President)

George Cannon III

Paul Bigford

Marty Corson

Tom Johnson

Dan Greene


Dick Young

(Director Emeritus)

Bob Fairman

(Director Emeritus)


John P. Gorys
(Director Emeritus)


David McIntire

(Ex Officio)  

Dick Schwikert
(Ex Officio)


Lori Greene
(Recording Secretary)


Pere Marquette

PM Little South

PM Middle Branch

Pere Marquette

Pere Marquette

Pere Marquette

Pere Marquette

PM Little South


Pere Marquette


Little Manistee

Little Manistee


Little Manistee

PM LittleSouth


President's Letter

April 30, 2021


Dear Members,

As we finish 2020 and move to 2021, COVID-19 is still with us.  We have all had to learn new ways of doing things and keeping healthy.  I am sure by now that many of our members have received one of the available vaccinations by now, if they so choose.  As I look back over the year, it is amazing how much we have learned about this potent virus and how much we still need to know.

Despite Covid-19, your Association had a productive year in 2020. We supported:

  • Worked with Michigan Lake and Stream Association to provide all our members a 1-year membership in 2021 with that organization.

  • Provided funds to the USFS to enhance and replace river signage to include mile markers.

  • Modified resident cleanup held in early August to replace the Boy Scout Cleanup.

  • Created a matching fund program with NCCIAMA on an invasive species program.

One of our primary focus’s is and has been the issue of Riparian owner rights. We have continued our work with the Michigan Lake and Stream Association. We worked with them in having Dick Schwikert write an article about the PM River that was published in their spring 2021 issue that include a cover picture.  I hope everyone saw that article in the Michigan Riparian magazine that was mailed to all members a few weeks ago.

Due to Covid-19, we did not have an in person annual meeting with speaker in 2020.  We look forward to resuming that tradition this year, tentative plans are for holding at the Amvets Club on July 17.

Please make sure you check out our web page:  Password: lcrpoa2020.  The site has quite a bit of information you may find useful, including our LCRPOA Provider list, Conservation Easement info, Property ID form for Sheriff’s office and a bit of history of our organization.

Our association remains strong, both financially and membership. While we had a slight reduction in renewing members in 2020, we look forward to getting things back to normal and hope those members who got distracted with Covid, will again rejoin.  We ended the year with around $10,000 to continue our work and have over 140 regular members and 14 Life members. Unfortunately, we lost one of our long-time members: Jack Carter who devoted over 30 years to LCRPOA and board.

As always, we appreciate your continued support and welcome your suggestions or thoughts on what we can do to continue to serve you, the Riverside Property Owners of Lake County.



Kim L Gary


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